Volume 29, Issue 6

September 2001

Effects of alcohol intake and induced frustration on fire-starting disposition

Renee Perrin-Wallqvist, Lena Eriksson, Torsten Norlander
Open Access

Dream life and intrapsychic boundaries in the elderly

Arthur T. Funkhouser, Othmar Wurmle, Claude M. Cornu, Marcel Bahro

Patients' perceptions of general dental practitioners: The influence of dentist ethnicity and sex

J. Timothy Newton, Lucy Davenport-Jones, Matthew Idle, Mina Patel, Alex Setchell, Caroline Turpin

Effects of caffeine on vigilance performance in introvert and extraovert noncoffee drinkers

Taha Amir, Fatma Alshibani, Thoria Alghara, Maitha Aldhari, Asma Alhassani, Ghanima Bahry