Volume 44, Issue 6

July 2016

Consumer Satisfaction Rating Scale: Revised for use in both psychiatric care and social services

Torsten Norlander, Bo Ivarsson, Jonny Andersson, Tommy Nordén
Open Access

Donor motivation in college sport: Does contribution level matter?

Chanmin Park, Yong Jae Ko, Hee Youn Kim, Michael Sagas, Melfy Eddosary

Attachment, loneliness, and social anxiety: A comparison of deaf and hearing Chinese adolescents

Jing Ye, Anqi Peng, Aitao Lu, Haiping Tian, Xiuxiu Hong, Hui Yi, Lu Wang, Pingfang Song, Linyu Zhang, Yilin Lan, Yunda Qiu, Wanyi Guan, Wenna Wang