Volume 35, Issue 8

September 2007

A research note of Online Bidders’ Conformity

Chun-Hung Huang, Jennifer C. H. Min
Open Access

Latent class analysis of risk behaviors among Bahamian young adolescents: Relationship between values prioritization and latent class

Matthew Cole, Bonita Stanton, Linette Deveaux, Carole Harris, Sonya Lunn, Lesley Cottrell, Rebecca Clemens, Xiaoming Li, Sharon Marshall, Rosa Mae Baine

The personality types of Chinese dental postgraduate students

Shengjun Wu, Danmin Miao, Xia Zhu, Jie Liang, Xufeng Liu, Zhengxue Luo, Wei Wang

Burnout in European general practice and family medicine

Jean Karl Soler, Hakan Yaman, Magdalena Esteva
Open Access