Love of life as a new construct in the well-being domain
Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek (Kuwait University, Kuwait), 2007, 35(1), 125–134

Over the last two decades or so there has been widespread interest in research on happiness, hope, optimism, and satisfaction with life. This enhanced interest in positive psychology reflects my own interests. The author of this article constructed a Love of Life Scale (LLS), which yielded three factors labelled Positive attitude toward life, Happy consequences of love of life, and Meaningfulness of life. The LLS had significant and positive correlations with the Oxford Happiness Inventory. A factor analysis of the total scores on the LLS and six other relevant questions was conducted. The best predictors of Love of Life, were shown to be happiness, optimism, self-esteem and hope. Interestingly it was found that there was no gender difference on the LLS scores.

Robert A. C. (Bob) Stewart, PhD | Editor-in-Chief
Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal