Leader mindfulness and employee creativity: The importance of leader–member exchange
Huwa Tan (Xi’an University of Science and Technology), Zhou Wang (Xi’an University of Science and Technology, and Xi’an University), Jiaxin Huang (City University of Macau), 2021 49(9), e10659

I believe that most of the manuscripts that I read and review deal with aspects of leader–worker relations. Although I haven’t scientifically tested this assumption, it does often make me wonder what it is in that relationship that needs to be worked on. Why is it such a concern that scholars want to learn more about this particular dynamic and decipher the layers of this relationship?

I suspect that beyond the manuscripts that I review, this topic is an issue that most working people in our world are concerned about. With increasing demands at the workplace, and the vast number of waking hours we spend at work, it is not surprising that we all want the most accommodating, responsive, and communicative relationship with our leaders. And our leaders are interested in attaining the exact same things in their relationships with us.

I have chosen to recommend Tan et al.’s (2021) article entitled “Leader mindfulness and employee creativity: The importance of leader–member exchange.”

A title indicating that the article will discuss both mindfulness and creativity, and in the context of workplace relationships, will always appeal to me. But, putting this appeal aside, it was interesting to see how the leader’s connection to him or herself was associated with attentiveness to workers and with the facilitation of creativity amongst workers.

I particularly liked the authors’ recommendation for mindfulness and relaxation training in the workplace to help with developing body–mind connections, and for group processes employing such techniques. I think that undertaking such methods, and enjoying our leaders’ caring support, will get us closer to achieving a more humane approach in the workplace.

My wish is that in the coming year we will all benefit from this combination and enjoy more creative self-expression at work.

Keren Segal | Associate Editor
Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal