Editors' Newsroom - January 2024



Editors’ Newsroom: Reflections on SBP publishing trends and themes
Kate Fullan, Keren Segal, and Ana Stojanov (Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal), 52(1), e13684



SBP was founded in 1973 in New Zealand by Dr. Robert A. C. Stewart. The journal publishes papers on all aspects of social, personality, and developmental psychology. Now in its 52nd year of publication, SBP continues to provide insights into many important, worldwide issues. Thanks to its roughly ten thousand international authors, SBP is a well-established and respected forum for the latest social psychology research and findings. We would like to thank our valued authors for their significant contributions over the years and look forward to working together in the future.

Editors’ Newsroom brings you insightful reflections from two of our Associate Editors, Dr. Keren Segal and Dr. Ana Stojanov, both based in New Zealand, about the trends and themes they have witnessed and identified from SBP in the last 12 months.

We would also like to take this moment to officially welcome our new Associate Editor, Dr. Yvette Lamb, also based in New Zealand. Dr. Lamb comes with a wealth of experience in the fields of psychology and scholarly publishing, with special interests in cognitive neuroscience, neurogenetics, lifespan development, and personality. We look forward to Dr. Lamb offering her own insights in a future edition of Editors’ Newsroom. More...

Kate Fullan | Associate Managing Editor
Keren Segal | Associate Editor
Ana Stojanov | Associate Editor
Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal

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