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Physical exercise and anxiety: The chain mediating effect of social support and resilience

Yuan Zheng, Pengfei Wen, Jinsong Wu, Haobo Jia, Dongbin Lai, Yan Xun, and Yuehua Sang (Guangzhou Sport University), 2024, 52(6), e12549


We explored the association between college students’ physical exercise and anxiety by analyzing the mediating role of social support and resilience, and their chain mediation effect. We collected data from 325 university students, who completed the Physical Activity Readiness Scale, the Self-Rating Anxiety Scale, the Social Support Rating Scale, and the Connor–Davidson Resilience Scale. The research findings indicated that physical exercise had a direct negative impact on anxiety, and social support and resilience mediated the effect of physical exercise on anxiety. The results further comprehension of the mechanisms of college students’ anxiety. In a practical sense, our findings provide new methods and approaches for the prevention of and intervention in college students’ anxiety.